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Stargate Atlantis

2004-2008 Ended/Cancelled
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When a secret base abandoned by the Ancients — the original builders of the stargates — is found buried in the ice of Antarctica, the Stargate Atlantis team is recruited for the most daring stargate mission yet: a one-way expedition to the distant Pegasus galaxy.

There the Stargate Atlantis team encounters a number of primitive human civilizations ... as well as The Wraith, a sinister new enemy that threatens human life everywhere.

The Stargate Atlantis mission is headed by Dr. Elizabeth Weir (Torri Higginson), a specialist in diplomatic relations. Her political savvy is balanced by the go-with-your-gut bravado of her military counterpart, Maj. John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan), a courageous and gifted pilot. Rounding out the team are Lt. Aiden Ford (Rainbow Sun Francks), the enthusiastic young officer who becomes Sheppard's second-in-command; and Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett), a clever and quick-witted astrophysicist with previous experience at Stargate Command. The team is befriended by Pegasus galaxy native Teyla (Rachel Luttrell), a beautiful young leader among the Athosian people, with whom the Atlantis team forges an uneasy alliance against The Wraith.

New faces join the team in the second season. Most notable among them are Ronan Dex (Jason Momoa), a human native to the Pegasus galaxy who has fought the Wraith for seven years in defense of his planet. And from Earth comes Col. Steven Caldwell (Mitch Pileggi), the commander of Earth's newest intergalactic battle cruiser, the Daedalus.

Theme song: "Main Title" by Joel Goldsmith.
Main Cast
© SCI FI Channel Photo: Jamel ToppinAmanda Tapping
as Samantha Carter [S 4]
N/ADavid Hewlett
as Dr. Rodney McKay [S 1-5]
N/AJason Momoa
as Ronon Dex [S 2-5]
© Photo by: Philippe Bosse/SyfyJewel Staite
as Dr. Jennifer Keller [S 5]
© Syfy Channel Photo: Philippe BosseJoe Flanigan
as Lt. Colonel John Sheppard [S 1-5]
N/APaul McGillion
as Dr. Carson Beckett [S 2-3]
N/ARachel Luttrell
as Teyla Emmagan [S 1-5]
N/ARainbow Francks
as Lt. Aiden Ford [S 1]
N/ARobert Picardo
as Richard Woolsey [S 5]
N/ATorri Higginson
as Dr. Elizabeth Weir [S 1-3]
Recurring Cast
David Nykl as Dr. Radek Zelenka [S 1-5] (53)
Kavan Smith as Major Evan Lorne [S 2-5] (29)
Paul McGillion as Dr. Carson Beckett [S 1-5] (27)
Mitch Pileggi as Colonel Steven Caldwell [S 2-5] (23)
Chuck Campbell as Technician [S 1-5] (19)
Gary Jones as Walter Harriman [S 1-5] (12)
Jewel Staite as Dr. Jennifer Keller [S 3-4] (12)
Connor Trinneer as Michael Kenmore [S 2-5] (10)
Craig Veroni as Dr. Peter Grodin [S 1] (9)
Bill Dow as Dr. Bill Lee [S 2-4] (7)

Premiered on Network:
Syfy (formerly SciFi) in US

Also known as:
Stargate: Atlantis
Stargåte: Atlåntis
La Porte d'Atlantis

Genres: Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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Leela Savasta joins 'Stargate Atlantis'
Torri Higginson and season five
Robert Picardo Joins 'Stargate Atlantis'

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2x01 - The Siege (3):
Earth's new battlecruiser Daedalus arrives under the command of Colonel Caldwell and saves Major Sheppard from his suicide run on the Wraith Hive ships. McKay and his team must get the new ZPM installed and raise the city shields to protect Atlantis before the rest of the Wraith fleet arrive to take the city.
2x02 - The Intruder:
Earth's battlecruiser Daedalus is infected by a Wraith computer virus. Dr McKay and his team must stop it as members of the Atlantis expedition return from Earth after a meeting at the SGC thanks to the ZPM. During the meeting at the SGC, Dr. Weir learns that the Pentagon plans to replace Major Sheppard with Colonel Caldwell.
2x03 - Runner:
Sheppard and his team attempt to locate Lieutenant Ford, only to find themselves held captive by a young man who is being hunted by the Wraith.
2x04 - Duet:
Wraith technology causes Lt. Laura Cadman's mind to be transferred into Dr. McKay's body along with his own mind.
2x05 - Condemned:
Sheppard's team discovers a planet untouched by the Wraith as they send their criminals to a penal colony for the Wraith to feed upon and Sheppard's Jumper crashes on this island.
2x06 - Trinity:
Ronon Dex discovers that a small number of his people survived the Wraith attack on his planet, including his former military trainer, with whom he has unfinished business. Meanwhile, McKay puts Atlantis at risk when he tries to unlock the secrets of an Ancient power source.
2x07 - Instinct:
A synthetic virus created by Dr. Beckett to revert Wraith's to human form puts Sheppard's life in jeopardy after the team encounters a girl in the early stages of Wraith development.
2x08 - Conversion:
A mission goes wrong when Sheppard begins transforming into a Wraith after being attacked. The Atlantis team races against time to reverse the conversion.
2x09 - Aurora:
The team finds a large Ancient Ship called Aurora offworld and it still has Ancients living on board.
2x10 - The Lost Boys (Part 1):
Lieutenant Ford, who now has his own team of super-soldiers, asks for Colonel Sheppard's assistance in an attack on a Wraith Hive ship.
2x11 - The Hive (2):
Colonel Sheppard finds himself a prisoner of the Wraith following Ford's suicide attack on a hive ship.
2x12 - Epiphany:
Colonel Sheppard gets trapped on a planet where time moves faster.
2x13 - Critical Mass:
After a beacon is activated on Atlantis, the Wraith armada is heading straight towards the city. Meanwhile the newly arrived guest from earth is suspect for activating the beacon.
2x14 - Grace Under Pressure:
Time gets short, when the team tries to save McKay's life. He is trapped in a puddle jumper - 4000 meters under water.
2x15 - The Tower:
On a planet, the team discovers a race, which is able to use the Ancient's technology. They even own a chair of the Ancients which has protected them for generations against the Wraith. When this protection fails, Sheppard and his team try to help, but run into trouble themselves.
2x16 - The Long Goodbye:
Alien combatants look to settle an ancient score by using Weir and Sheppard as pawns.
2x17 - Coup D'etat:
Once again the Genii try to negotiate with Atlantis, but it turns out that they still want to annihillate all the Wraith, no matter how. Meanwhile Sheppard attempts to rescue Major Lorne and his team, but get imprisoned himself.
2x18 - Michael:
A Lieutenant, who is suffering from amnesia, finds out, that he is a Wraith who was turned into a human by Dr. Beckett's medication.
2x19 - Inferno:
The team visits some sort of vulcano planet. There they find a laboratory of the Ancients.
2x20 - Allies (Part 1):
Atlantis joins forces with a Wraith faction led by Michael, the Wraith they tried to turn into a human, who seeks their help in destroying their common enemies.
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Guide available in: dutch english french german italian polish portuguese spanish