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Stargate SG-1

1997-2007 Ended/Cancelled
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General Hammond summons Colonel Jack O'Neill out of retirement to embark on a secret rescue mission. O'Neill confesses that he disobeyed orders to destroy the Stargate on Planet Abydos, and that scientist Daniel Jackson may still be alive. Arriving on Abydos with his team, O'Neill meets up once again with the scientist, who has discovered a giant elaborate cartouche in hieroglyphics. All signs point to the fact that this is a map of many Stargates that exist throughout the galaxy - a development that makes the dream of the SG-1 team to travel throughout the universe in time a reality.

Theme song: "Main Title" by David Arnold & Joel Goldsmith
Main Cast
© SCI FI Channel Photo: Jamel ToppinAmanda Tapping
as Samantha Carter [S 1-10]
N/ABeau Bridges
as Major General Hank Landry [S 9-10]
N/ABen Browder
as Cameron Mitchell [S 9-10]
N/AChristopher Judge
as Teal'c [S 1-10]
N/AClaudia Black
as Vala Mal Doran [S 10]
N/ADon S. Davis
as George Hammond [S 1-7]
N/AMichael Shanks
as Daniel Jackson [S 1-10]
© USARichard Dean Anderson
as Jack O'Neill [S 1-8]
Recurring Cast
Gary Jones as Walter Harriman [S 1-10] (106)
Dan Shea as Sgt. Siler [S 1-10] (40)
Bill Dow as Dr. Bill Lee [S 4-10] (20)
Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds [S 5-10] (14)
Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran [S 8-9] (9)
Gary Chalk as Colonel Chekov [S 6-10] (8)
Tony Amendola as Bra'tac [S 1-10] (8)
J. R. Bourne as Martouf/Lantash [S 2-9] (7)
Cliff M. Simon as Ba'al [S 9-10] (6)
Jay Acovone as Major Charles Kawalsky [S 1-8] (6)

Premiered on Network:
Syfy (formerly SciFi) in US

Also known as:
Stargåte SG-1
Stargate: SG-1

Genres: Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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SG-1 star joins Atlantis for season four
MGM greenlights new Stargate Movies
Stargate: SG-1 Cancelled after 10 seasons

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Special - Stargate SG-1: True Science:
Amanda Tapping takes us on a fascinating look at how many aspects surrounding SG-1 have a basis in real science.
10x01 - Flesh and Blood (2):
As the Ori invade the Jaffa planet Chulak, Vala and Daniel must deal with their leader: Vala's young daughter, rapidly aged by the Ori to serve their purposes.
10x02 - Morpheus:
The SG-1 Team goes onto an off-world mission after the first but less efficient fight against the Ori-fleet. Of course they get into loads of trouble. Meanwhile Landry decides wether to trust Vala or not and if she'll be allowed around the SGC any longer.
10x03 - The Pegasus Project:
The threat by the Ori grows. Daniel and Vala visit Atlantis to search for more hints concerning the weapon of Myrdin, better knows as Merlin. This weapon is capable of eradicatin ascended beings like the Ori. Meanwhile Carter, Teal'c and Mitchell have to take the Odyssey to accomplish a dangerous mission.
10x04 - Insiders:
Stargate Command faces off against their old nemesis Ba'al and his clones as Landry spars with the N.I.D. and Agent Barrett.
10x05 - Uninvited:
When Col. Mitchell arrives at Gen. Landry’s retreat, where the rest of the team are to bond with the General, the others are diverted to fight an invisible man-eating creature on another planet, and to determine if it is connected to the Ori. As Mitchell and Landry try to co-exist alone together, a storm washes out the only accessible roadway to their cabin. They soon find they must also fight off the same type of invisible man-eating creature that SG-1 has been checking on off-world.
Special - Sci Fi Inside: Stargate SG-1 200:
The 200th episode of the venerated sci-fi series is discussed during this special.
10x06 - 200:
Mitchell eagerly awaits the next off-world mission, which will be the 200th trip through the Stargate. However, Martin Lloyd returns and seeks help with his movie script. The Pentagon orders the SG-1 team to assist because the decision makers believe a film about intergalactic wormhole travel will provide a good cover story for the Stargate program.
10x07 - Counterstrike:
The Jaffa take the fight to the Ori, using a genocidal weapon on their new worshippers and landing SG-1 in the middle of a war they can't control.
10x08 - Memento Mori:
Striken with amnesia and on the run, Vala takes a job as a waitress as she tries to piece together who she is and what happened to her.
10x09 - Company Of Thieves:
Cameron Mitchell must go undercover inside the deadly Lucian Alliance to prevent his teammates from becoming casualties of an Alliance civil war.
10x10 - The Quest (Part 1):
SG-1 races against Baal in the hunt to find the Sangraal, Merlin's anti-Ori weapon, and comes up against a series of ancient trials.
Special - Stargate Mythology:
Mythological aspects pertaining to the science-fiction series are examined.
10x11 - The Quest (Part 2):
The team race to help Merlin build the Sangraal weapon before Adria can track them down, but he is severely weakened by the scale of his difficult task and is forced to take control of Daniel's body to finish the job.
10x12 - Line in the Sand:
Mitchell, Carter and Teal'c arrive on a planet being threatened by the Ori. They decide that a line needs to be drawn and that the Ori must not be allowed to advance any further. Carter attempts to use the Ancient Merlin's technology to prevent the Ori from taking over the planet.
10x13 - The Road Not Taken:
An experiment goes wrong, leaving Carter trapped in a parallel reality where martial law has been enforced and the Earth is under attack from the Ori.
10x14 - The Shroud:
The team set out to learn the identity of a new prior of the Ori, but risk walking into Adria's trap when they discover the recruit is Daniel Jackson. When the IOA decides he poses too great a risk and must be killed, Jack O'Neill is forced to risk everything in a bid to save his friend.
10x15 - Bounty:
The team become the target of a ruthless band of bounty hunters after Netan offers a reward on their heads. Unaware of the imminent danger, Mitchell and Vala are left vulnerable to an attack at his high school reunion. Jackson, Carter and Teal'c are able to overpower their adversaries, but when bounty hunter Vashin threatens a mass execution, the team are forced to surrender.
10x16 - Bad Guys:
The SG-1 team visits an alien museum on another planet -- but are mistaken for a band of zealous rebels who have taken hostages.
10x17 - Talion:
After a terrorist attack on a Jaffa summit leaves many dead and Bra'tac seriously injured, Teal'c goes on a one-man quest for revenge.
10x18 - Family Ties:
Vala's father, Jacek, contacts Stargate Command wishing to trade information about a series of planned attacks on Earth in exchange for sanctuary on the planet.
10x19 - Dominion:
The SG-1 team hatches an elaborate plot to capture Adria by using Vala as bait, but Ba'al has a sinister plan of his own which could prove deadly for all involved.
10x20 - Unending:
The SG-1 team finds they are likely to live the rest of their lives together trapped on a ship which is caught in a time dilation field which Sam created in order to survive an attack of the Ori
Video - Stargate: The Ark of Truth:
SG-1 searches for an ancient weapon which could help them defeat the Ori, and discover it may be in the Ori's own home galaxy. As the Ori prepare to send ships through to the Milky Way to attack Earth, SG-1 travels to the Ori galaxy aboard the Odyssey. The International Oversight committee has their own plans and SG-1 finds themselves in a distant galaxy fighting two powerful enemies.
Video - Stargate: Continuum:
Baal travels back in time and prevents the Stargate program from being started. SG1 must somehow restore history.
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