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The Surgeon

2005-2005 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Eva Agius is The Surgeon, a highly skilled woman mostly alone in a mostly male world. Real medical cases filled with twists, turns and surprises test the limits of her skill and knowledge. The anaesthetists, the other surgeons and the nursing staff all confront life, death and the intrusion of fate as everyday reality. Unlike anything you have seen before. The Surgeon is a new twist on reality drama.

Theme song: "Kid You're A Dreamer" by The Panics

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Genres: Drama

Language: english


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1x01 - Episode 1:
Eve Agius' surgical skill is tested when a 165kg patient faces surgical complications.
1x02 - Episode 2:
Eve fights to save a young water polo player's life after a small scratch unleashes a voracious flesh-eating bacterium.
1x03 - Episode 3:
A young pregnant woman is looking forward to the arrival of her first child. When a car accident causes her placenta to tear away from her uterus, her child, a 32 weeker will die unless delivered immediately. Eve and the surgical team fight to save both lives.
1x04 - Episode 4:
As Eve faces the challenges of a busy night on the ward, she finds an unexpected moment of happiness when treating a terminal cancer patient.
1x05 - Episode 5:
When a young patient is found to be awake during his operation, Eve and the surgical team discover the truth about one of their own.
1x06 - Episode 6:
Joe Elias has debilitating back pain. A scan reveals a tumour which needs to be removed immediately. However on the operating table Joe begins to bleed profusely and the anaesthetist, Abe, refuses to allow the operating to continue – Joe is too unstable.
1x07 - Episode 7:
Chris Handel has an abscess on the top of the crevice between his buttocks. Draining and packing it is a common procedure, which Eve has performed many times. But on the table Chris’s temperature rises dangerously. Chris develops malignant hyperthermia a life-threatening condition where the patient’s temperature suddenly begins to rise – and doesn’t stop. The team do everything they can to lower his temperature. They know if it hits 41 degrees Chris’ brain will melt. As tensions between  [...] (More)
1x08 - Episode 8:
Eve finds her career on the line when she faces a choice between truth and expediency.
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