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2007-2007 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
The four-part television drama is a warm hearted show about modern relationships and modern lives. It's Cold Feet - with tough edges. At the heart of it is a love triangle between Claire, Woody and Mitch (Max Beesley). Claire and Woody have been together for 8 years, have a young baby and are planning their wedding. Mitch is Woody's best friend, but he also loves Claire. Mitch can't have the woman he loves without destroying the most important friendship in his life, but can he ignore his smoldering feelings, and can Claire resist his charms?
Main Cast
N/AAaron Johnson
as Aaron [S 1]
N/AAdrian Bower
as Scott [S 1]
N/AAmanda Douge
as Cassie [S 1]
N/AAngel Coulby
as Faith [S 1]
N/AEmma Pierson
as Ally Jones [S 1]
N/AJoseph Millson
as Woody [S 1]
N/AKate Ashfield
as Kelly [S 1]
N/ALaura Fraser
as Claire [S 1]
N/AMax Beesley
as Mitch Moore [S 1]
N/ANicholas Farrell
as Harry Calderman [S 1]
Recurring Cast
Holly Gibbs as Charlotte [S 1] (4)
Lila Rose Geary as Baby Jack [S 1] (4)
Belinda Bromilow as Nicole [S 1] (3)

Premiered on Network:
ITV1 in UK

Genres: Drama

Language: english

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
1x01Episode 1  PDWC  |edit  2007-06-10  Discuss episode! 
1x02Episode 2  PDWC  |edit  2007-06-17  Discuss episode! 
1x03Episode 3  PDWC  |edit  2007-06-24  Discuss episode! 
1x04Episode 4  PDWC N|edit  2007-07-01  Discuss episode! 
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