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1960-1962 Ended/Cancelled
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Anthology series hosted by Boris Karloff that originally told ordinary tales of crime and mystery, but later became a showcase for gothic horror stories, many of which were based on works by authors such as Cornell Woolrich, Robert Bloch and Charlotte Armstrong.

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Genres: Horror / Thriller

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
38 2x01What Beckoning Ghost?        |edit  1961-09-18  Discuss episode! 
39 2x02Guillotine        |edit  1961-09-26  Discuss episode! 
40 2x03The Premature Burial        |edit  1961-10-02  Discuss episode! 
41 2x04The Weird Tailor        |edit  1961-10-16  Discuss episode! 
42 2x05God Grante That She Lye Stille        |edit  1961-10-23  Discuss episode! 
43 2x06Masquerade        |edit  1961-10-30  Discuss episode! 
44 2x07The Last of the Sommervilles        |edit  1961-11-06  Discuss episode! 
45 2x08Letter to a Lover        |edit  1961-11-13  Discuss episode! 
46 2x09A Third For Pinochle        |edit  1961-11-20  Discuss episode! 
47 2x10The Closed Cabinet        |edit  1961-11-27  Discuss episode! 
48 2x11Dialogues With Death        |edit  1961-12-04  Discuss episode! 
49 2x12The Return of Andrew Bentley        |edit  1961-12-11  Discuss episode! 
50 2x13The Remarkable Mrs. Hawk        |edit  1961-12-18  Discuss episode! 
51 2x14Portrait Without a Face        |edit  1961-12-25  Discuss episode! 
52 2x15An Attractive Family        |edit  1962-01-01  Discuss episode! 
53 2x16Waxworks        |edit  1962-01-08  Discuss episode! 
54 2x17La Strega        |edit  1962-01-15  Discuss episode! 
55 2x18The Storm        |edit  1962-01-22  Discuss episode! 
56 2x19A Wig For Miss Devore        |edit  1962-01-29  Discuss episode! 
57 2x20The Hollow Watcher        |edit  1962-02-12  Discuss episode! 
58 2x21Cousin Tundifer        |edit  1962-02-19  Discuss episode! 
59 2x22The Incredible Doktor Markesan        |edit  1962-02-26  Discuss episode! 
60 2x23Flowers of Evil        |edit  1962-03-05  Discuss episode! 
61 2x24'Til Death Do Us Part        |edit  1962-03-12  Discuss episode! 
62 2x25The Bride Who Died Twice        |edit  1962-03-19  Discuss episode! 
63 2x26Kill My Love        |edit  1962-03-26  Discuss episode! 
64 2x27Man of Mystery        |edit  1962-04-02  Discuss episode! 
65 2x28The Innocent Bystanders        |edit  1962-04-09  Discuss episode! 
66 2x29The Lethal Ladies        |edit  1962-04-16  Discuss episode! 
67 2x30The Specialists        |edit  1962-04-30  Discuss episode! 
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