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Tripping Over

2006-2006 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Tripping Over is a Australian/British co-production which is set Australia, England and Thailand. It centres on a young man (MacPherson) who travels around the world while his mother recounts her own travels in her younger days.

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Genres: Adventure / Drama / Family

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins


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1x01 - Episode 1:
Five young travellers meet in Bangkok where a tragic incident changes the direction of their lives. On her way to Australia, London lawyer Tamsin meets friends Lizzie and Callum for a one-night stop over in Bangkok. Joining them are Australians Ned and Nic, on their way to London. When a tragic accident proves life is fleeting, emotions rise to the surface, prompting a devastating confession, impulsive decisions and itinerary changes.
1x02 - Episode 2:
Tamsin finds it difficult to be excited about life in Sydney and is tempted when her fiancé appears, offering to take her home. Ned is dealt a major bombshell by his father. Callum throws himself into Sydney's gay scene but his enthusiasm appears to be a smoke screen for something darker. Homeless, Nic jumps at the chance to board with a fellow teacher and his family until he learns they have an unnatural obsession.
1x03 - Episode 3:
Nic is blackmailed by the student he had sex with, while Lizzie attempts to put Dave's ghost to rest. As Tamsin's work fortunes change for the better, Jeremy returns to Australia to have it out with Lydia. And Callum has a sexual indiscretion of his own when a kinky stunt goes horribly wrong.
1x04 - Episode 4:
Ned finally lands a role in a 'cutting edge' play and treats it with all the seriousness he thinks it affords - to his own detriment. Meanwhile, in an effort to turn his luck around, Nic works at a plan involving his thesis on probability in the airline industry. Lizzie is surprised when Robbie tracks her down. Tamsin faces Jeremy in court and struggles with her conscience.
1x05 - Episode 5:
Just when Tamsin accepts that her career is over, she is granted a last-minute reprieve by an unexpected source. Callum is shocked to learn Charlie is engaged. Magnus reveals he has feelings for Lydia. In London, Ned agrees to pose as Lizzie's boyfriend for her domineering sister, and ultimately finds himself enjoying the charade. Nic struggles to adapt to the corporate environment of his new job while trying to prove himself, all the while wondering if his high flying career is over before it  [...] (More)
1x06 - Episode 6:
Tamsin prepares for her wedding to Sam, all the while trying to convince herself it's the right thing to do. Nic works hard to convince himself he belongs with Flick. But when Tamsin and Nic find themselves alone together, their actions suggest otherwise. Ned finally admits an attraction to Lizzie but his desire to reignite his career proves an obstacle.
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