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The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search

2006-2008 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Search for the real life ultimate coyote ugly bartender.

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Genres: Reality-TV

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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3x01 - Ultimate Coyote Search: Season 3:
The 10 wannabee coyotes meet for the first time, are introduced to their home and meet Lil. Soon thereafter, she takes them to the bar where they see the traveling coyotes perform and realize what it will take to win the coveted sixth spot in that group. Lil sets up the first challenge, and the women find out what they are competing for. The pressure is too much for one girl, as she just can't put it all together, and ends up being eliminated.
3x02 - Season 3: Episode 2:
With nine women left, the competition is on. The girls have an intense workout with trainer Keith, and it's on to the next challenge. The girls are split into three teams of three for the Build the Bar challenge, and the winning team gets by with a bit of luck. In a tense elimination, one girl volunteers to leave, but can Lil talk her out of it?
3x03 - Season 3: Episode 3:
Eight girls remain, and Lil chooses three of them to sing on the bar in front of customers. But it is the behavior of one of the other girls that upsets Lil. Another girl is sent home but only after another twist of events.
3x04 - Season 3: Episode 4:
The remaining seven women continue to sing, dance and perform, but the physical intensity of the competition is too much for one girl. They compete in the Don't Stop Dancing challenge, and Lil eliminates what seems to be the only remaining weak link of the group.
3x05 - Season 3: Episode 5:
The remaining six women return from a three week holiday break, completely refreshed, slimmed down and all with an intense desire to win. Three of them get a makeover after winning the 'Perfect Pour' challenge, while the other three sulk. A surprising number one badge is handed out at elimination, and another contestant's dream of becoming a travelling coyote is ended.
3x06 - Season 3: Episode 6:
(No plot available)
3x07 - Season 3: Episode 7:
(No plot available)
3x08 - Season 3: Season Finale:
(No plot available)
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