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2009-2011 Ended/Cancelled
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Today, the world woke up to find spaceships over every major city. The Visitors claim to have come in peace, bringing gifts of medical miracles and technological breakthroughs. They promise to do no harm. They're lying.

Most people believe the aliens have arrived just when we needed them most. We're eager to embrace their generous offers of help, but while tracking a terrorist cell, Homeland Security agent Erica Evans stumbles upon something far more sinister. Erica discovers that the aliens have plans to infiltrate our governments and businesses, planting seeds for their plot to control mankind. Convincing anyone of the truth will be impossible because the Visitors have two powerful weapons. First, they've given the people faith with their reassuring presence and gifts. Second, they've rallied our youth. Thousands of teens, including Erica's son, have been recruited as 'Peace Ambassadors' but they're actually serving as unwitting spies. When Erica gets thrust into the resistance movement, she'll have to balance her covert activities with her job and her role as a mother, fighting to protect her son Tyler - even as he joins forces with the enemy.
Main Cast
N/ACharles Mesure
as Kyle Hobbes [S 2]
N/AElizabeth Mitchell
as Erica Evans [S 1-2]
© USA NetworkJoel Gretsch
as Father Jack [S 1-2]
N/ALaura Vandervoort
as Lisa [S 1-2]
N/ALogan Huffman
as Tyler Evans [S 1-2]
N/ALourdes Benedicto
as Valerie [S 1]
© Photo: Erik HeinilaMorena Baccarin
as Anna [S 1-2]
N/AMorris Chestnut
as Ryan Nichols [S 1-2]
N/AScott Wolf
as Chad Decker [S 1-2]
Recurring Cast
Christopher Shyer as Marcus [S 1-2] (21)
Mark Hildreth as Joshua [S 1-2] (17)
Roark Critchlow as Paul Kendrick [S 1-2] (15)
Scott Hylands as Father Travis [S 1-2] (11)
Jane Badler as Diana [S 2] (9)
Charles Mesure as Kyle Hobbes [S 1] (8)
Rekha Sharma as Sarita Malik [S 1-2] (8)
Bret Harrison as Dr. Sidney Miller [S 2] (6)
David Richmond-Peck as Georgie Sutton [S 1] (6)
Lexa Doig as Dr. Leah Pearlman [S 1] (6)

Premiered on Network:

Also known as:
V - Die Besucher

Genres: Drama / Sci-Fi

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

Official Website / IMDB-Link

'V' to return next season
ABC to split run of 'V' series

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
14 2x01Red Rain  PDWC  |edit  2011-01-04  4 Comments 
15 2x02Serpent's Tooth  PDWC  |edit  2011-01-11  Discuss episode! 
16 2x03Laid Bare  PDWC  |edit  2011-01-18  Discuss episode! 
17 2x04Unholy Alliance  PDWC  |edit  2011-02-01  Discuss episode! 
18 2x05Concordia  PDWC  |edit  2011-02-08  Discuss episode! 
19 2x06Siege  PDWC  |edit  2011-02-15  Discuss episode! 
20 2x07Birth Pangs  PDWC  |edit  2011-02-22  Discuss episode! 
21 2x08Uneasy Lies the Head  PDWC  |edit  2011-03-01  Discuss episode! 
22 2x09Devil in a Blue Dress  PDWC  |edit  2011-03-08  Discuss episode! 
23 2x10Mother's Day  PDWC  |edit  2011-03-15  3 Comments 
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