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Without A Trace

2002-2009 Ended/Cancelled
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As any detective can tell you, investigating missing property or deaths is comparatively easy compared to elusive missing people. However in New York City, there is a special unit of the FBI that is designed to find them. Using the vast resources of their bureau, the team, lead by Agent Jack Malone, race against time in the tight 72 hour window after a disappearance while hope for a recovery is still typically possible.

Theme song by Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek.
Main Cast
N/AAnthony LaPaglia
as John Michael "Jack" Malone [S 1-7]
N/AEnrique Murciano
as Danny Taylor [S 1-7]
N/AEric Close
as Martin Fitzgerald [S 1-7]
N/AMarianne Jean-Baptiste
as Vivian Johnson [S 1-7]
© Bob Akester/ David Dolson /Lifetime TelevisionPoppy Montgomery
as Samantha Spade [S 1-7]
N/ARoselyn Sanchez
as Elena Delgado [S 4-7]
Recurring Cast
Joshua Gomez as James Mackeroy [S 4] (17)
Adriana DeMeo as Lucy [S 5-6] (16)
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Anne Cassidy [S 4-5] (9)
Laura Marano as Kate Malone [S 1-4] (8)
Haley Ramm as Jennifer Long [S 5-6] (6)
Lynn Whitfield as Paula Van Doren [S 1-4] (6)
Roselyn Sanchez as Elena Delgado [S 4] (6)
Adam Kaufman as Brian Donovan [S 5-6] (5)
Bill Smitrovich as SAC Alexander Olczyk [S 5-6] (5)

Premiered on Network:

Also known as:
FBI : portés disparus
Senza Traccia
Χωρίς Ίχνος
Forsvundet sporløst
Ilman johtolankaa
Bez śladu
Sin Rastro

Genres: Crime / Drama / Mystery

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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'Without A Trace' zukünftig bei Sat.1

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7x01 - Closure:
The team searches for a man whose daughter went missing years ago and wonders if his desire to help another couple find their missing son is somehow connected. Meanwhile, Jack begrudgingly adjusts to life with a new boss.
7x02 - 22 x 42:
The team is called in when an up-and-coming executive at an upscale clothing company is abducted following a rooftop party in Manhattan.
7x03 - Last Call:
The team discovers there's more to the story while searching for a missing white-collar criminal who disappears on his way to testify against a former associate.
7x04 - True/False:
The team investigates when the teenage son of a Secret Service agent disappears and discovers a long festering secret that set in motion a deadly chain of events.
7x05 - Rise and Fall:
After a child is kidnapped from a shopping mall, Medina shifts all resources onto the abduction, leaving only Martin to wrap up a case involving a missing victim's advocate.
7x06 - Live to Regret:
The team tries to find a missing bank manager who forecloses on people's homes and discovers a deep dark secret which may be related to her disappearance. Meanwhile, Jack is reinstated as head of the department.
7x07 - Rewind:
The team tries to find a missing paraplegic who was injured in a car accident two years earlier. During the investigation they discover a shocking truth which may have caused his disappearance.
7x08 - Better Angels:
Jack and Samantha travel to Los Angeles to follow the trail of a man who disappears after attending a funeral. Through investigations on both coasts, the case takes a turn when the agents discover the true reason for the missing man's west coast trip.
7x09 - Push Comes to Shove:
The team tries to determine if a doctor's past is somehow connected to her disappearance after she vanishes from a hospital.
7x10 - Cloudy with a Chance of Gettysburg:
The FBI team tries to find a television weatherman who goes missing after showing up to work bleeding from his side.
7x11 - Wanted:
The team believes they're investigating a custodial kidnapping case after a teen, last seen with her mother, vanishes. But the case turns ominous when the agents discover the teenager has a secret life. Meanwhile, Jack and Samantha's relationship hits a speed bump.
7x12 - Believe Me:
The team searches for a missing bar owner who possesses a religious statue which is believed to create miracles.
7x13 - Once Lost:
The team searches for Elena's former partner, an undercover cop who goes missing after a sting. During the investigation, Elena is forced to face the repercussions of her own past actions as she races to find her friend.
7x14 - Friends and Neighbors:
he team tries to hunt down the person who kidnapped two neighbors from a suburban home. The case takes a surprising turn when the agents discover the identity of the abductor.
7x15 - Chameleon:
A man faking his identity and posing as a college student disappears and the team must decipher his secrets in order to find him.
7x16 - Skeletons:
A woman and her infant go missing after she attends a self-defense class. The team tries to determine if any foul play is involved ...
7x17 - Voir Dire:
(No plot available)
7x18 - Daylight:
(No plot available)
7x19 - Heartbeats:
The agents have no shortage of suspects when a high end Russian matchmaker goes missing.
7x20 - Hard Landing:
The team tries to locate the son of a billionaire who disappears after piloting a small plane that crashes in the woods.
7x21 - Labyrinths:
The team searches for a missing journalist who recently graduated from reporting celebrity gossip to writing hard-hitting exposs for an on-line magazine and question whether the subject of one of her stories is to blame for her disappearance.
7x22 - Devotion:
The team tries to locate a teenager who was last seen in an amateur video being psychologically tormented by her abductor.
7x23 - True:
Jack grudgingly agrees to search for Hannah's boyfriend who disappears after he runs away from Chicago to be with her in New York.
7x24 - Undertow:
The team searches for a man who goes missing after a late night dive and try to zero in on who could be responsible for his disappearance. Meanwhile, Danny and Elena take their relationship to another level.
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Guide available in: english finnish french german italian spanish